For over 30 years, American Pool has been your one-stop-shop for pool repairs, renovations, and maintenance. But did you know that we also specialize in lifeguard management? Guard for Life is the segment of American Pool that handles all of your lifeguard needs. This national program hires over 7,000 lifeguards each season! We recruit, train, and manage lifeguards to fit the needs of every aquatic facility. We even handle scheduling and payroll details. Guard for Life makes lifeguard management easy!

About Guard for Life

Our goal is to create the best experience possible for your facility and for the lifeguards. Our mission is to build a lifeguard culture that encourages safety, develops workplace confidence, and empowers a young workforce. We strive to build a community of lifeguards that are friendly, attentive, and trustworthy.

We want our lifeguards to come back year after year, so we reward and recognize them for achievements all summer long. It’s also important for us to engage with our guards regularly. This is why we utilize social media platforms to maintain a connection with our younger generation of lifeguards.

Training and Skills

All of our lifeguards are Red Cross certified and trained. American Pool partners with American Red Cross to train over 2,000 lifeguards a each year! We offer training courses and review courses through the American Red Cross program to keep lifeguard safety knowledge to the utmost standards. Our guards are trained in multiple areas including CPR, AED, Lifeguarding, First Aid, and Certified Pool Operations (CPO).

Guest safety is a top priority at every aquatic facility. This is why American Pool has a lifeguard safety coach program to ensure our guards are doing the best job possible. This program includes periodic, unannounced on-site evaluations. We conduct these evaluations to review lifeguards’ skills, remediate issues as needed, create positive public relations, and recognize what it means to have a safe pool environment. American Pool’s Lifeguard Safety Coaching Program not only increases lifeguard accountability, but also continues to educate lifeguards on attention to safety and professionalism. Essentially, the program reinforces and strengthens the lifeguards’ emergency response skills.

We want to assure you that your guests are in the best hands! Our Guard for Life program offers highly qualified lifeguards who love what they do! Request lifeguard management here!