Guard for Life

A national lifeguard program.

American Pool began Guard for Life in order to create a lifeguard culture that encourages safety, develops workplace confidence and empowers teens. We believe you’re not just a lifeguard for the summer, you’re a Guard for Life.

With the help of Guard for Life, we able to hire lifeguards that are responsible, attentive and trustworthy.

All lifeguards are interviewed and screened by our full-time professional recruiting and staffing managers. We recognize that we are an extension of your community and want to make sure that our guards are trained to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner that corresponds with the beliefs of your community. This helps us to produces guards that maintain the enjoyment of a pool while still upholding the safety and security that is standard at American Pool.

We have earned the esteemed American Red Cross Multi-Jurisdictional Provider Agreement and our Lifeguard Training program has been recognized as one of the best in the country. Our training is not limited to Red Cross skills, we also train and focus based on a “Safety First” philosophy. The safety that we assure our clients is based upon the various American Red Cross courses our guards are trained in, including: CPR, Lifeguarding, First Aid and Certified Pool Operations (CPO).

Emergency response skills our Lifeguards possess are:

  • Adult/Child/Infant Rescue Breathing and CPR Skills
  • In-Water Rescue
  • First Aid Skills that include but are not limited to: seizure, internal/external bleeding, heat related emergencies, insect stings, and shock
  • Adult/Child/Infant Conscious & Unconscious Choking skills
  • Submerged Victim Rescue
  • Surveillance and effective scanning techniques
  • Inline-stabilization techniques

Another safety feature we offer is consistent lifeguard testing through self-auditing through external examiners. Our Safety Audit program is what allows us to consistently evaluate the skills of our lifeguards. This independent Lifeguard Safety Auditor makes unannounced visits to assess the lifeguard’s skills and perform safety checks of the location.

The lifeguards are monitored and tested on injury prevention skills, patron surveillance skills, rescue skills, respiratory and cardiac emergency skills, and first aid skills. Checks are also made to confirm that Lifeguards are carrying proper certifications with them at the facility. Regular audits ensures that each guard can react calmly when faced with an emergency situation.

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