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Although your pool maintenance routine may already be working well, there’s always room for improvement! Enzyme treatments are a great addition to any pool maintenance routine. They help keep your pool scum-free and improve water quality without much additional effort!

What are Enzymes?

Enzymes are molecules that speed up chemical reactions of other substances. Enzyme treatments break down foreign material found in pool and spa water piece by piece and turn them into CO2, or carbon dioxide. In essence, enzymes digest organic matter. 

How Can Enzymes Help Your Facility?

Organic matter is bound to find its way into every pool. As your facility’s pool traffic increases, the amount of accumulated organic matter in the water increases too. Types of organic matter that may end up in your facility’s pool include detergents, pollen, dirt, sweat, lotion, sunscreen, and oils. When organic matter builds up, it forms a line along the pool walls at the surface of the water. This is commonly referred to as scum. However, if steps are taken regularly to address the issue, your pool will remain healthy and scum-free. Sometimes pool owners choose to resolve scum problems by spending ample time skimming, brushing, and vacuuming the pool. Enzyme treatments save time spent on pool cleaning and improve overall water quality.

The use of enzymes can also help reduce the demand of sanitizer and lessen the need for pool shocking. Additionally, they break down organic matter before it has the chance to build up in your pool’s filter. This means filters don’t need to be cleaned as frequently, and they run more efficiently. Ultimately, this can increase the lifespan of your pool’s filter.

When Should You Use Enzymes?

Enzymes can be used all year for multiple reasons depending on the season. During the summer, enzymes should be used as part of regular weekly pool maintenance in addition to sanitizer and balancing efforts. Enzymes can also be used in the winter, fall, and early spring to help prevent algae growth during seasons when the pool isn’t being used. Algae prevention during these seasons makes cleanup and pool preparation easier for when swimming season comes back around. 

Enzymes treatments have multiple benefits. Not only can they help maintain the health and integrity of your pool, they can also lessen the amount of time and effort spent on maintenance. These treatments are a great solution for minimizing the organic materials that end up in your facility’s pool daily. Essentially, enzymes save time spent on pool cleaning, improve overall water quality, and extend the lifespan of pool equipment. With the help of enzymes, your pool will remain crystal clear and scum-free all summer long! Our pool professionals at American Pool can determine the right way to incorporate enzymes into your pool maintenance routine! Contact us for more information!