Keeping your aquatic facility up to date, safe, and visually appealing is important. Guests come to your pool to have a fun, relaxing escape from their day-to-day lives. So why not create an environment that guests actually want to be? There are many ways to approach this, but one easy way to keep your pool modern and avoid safety concerns is to renovate the deck. 


Today there are many options when it comes to creating an aesthetically pleasing deck design. Decks can be made from poured concrete, wood, or tile giving you a variety of colors and textures to work with. Each material has it’s pros and cons so you’ll want to speak with a pool remodeling professional, like those here at American Pool to determine which is the best fit for your property.


You’ll want to determine the color palette before moving forward with planning out the design of the deck. When deciding on colors, remember that darker colors retain more heat. Therefore it’s important to consider your facility’s environment when choosing colors.


The material that you choose for your deck plays a large role in the overall feel of the space. Consider all of your options before settling on a material for your deck. There are many types of materials to choose from. No matter what material you choose, it must be slip resistant to help ensure the safety of guests. Here are some popular pool decking materials that you may want to consider:

Poured Concrete – It’s affordable and malleable with many different colors and finishes.

Wood – It’s affordable and makes the construction process easy, but requires more regular maintenance than other decking materials. 

Composite Wood – It gives the look of a wood deck without needing the maintenance of a wood deck. Composite wood is made out of a plastic-like material and doesn’t fade or get worn down easily.

Stone – Choosing stone for your pool decking gives you many different shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from. It’s extremely durable and adds a natural-feeling aesthetic to your pool.

Pavers – They’re offered in many sizes, colors, and shapes. They also have a long lasting no-slip surface. 

 Tile – A tile deck can add a touch of elegance to your facility. Tile can be made to replicate wood, marble, stone, or brick. No matter what tile design option you choose, make sure that it’s unglazed. Unglazed tile helps create a slip-resistant area for guests. 


It’s the small details that contribute to the overall atmosphere of the pool deck. Upgrading the atmosphere is a great way to show your facility’s creativity and personality. Considering details like seating, shade, and plants can contribute to the overall feel of the pool.


Personalizing your facility’s deck with chairs and furniture is a great step towards renovating the deck and improving the overall atmosphere. Choose styles and colors of furniture that compliment your facility’s unique style.

It’s also important to consider how many people need to be accommodated at your pool when choosing furniture. If your facility offers food, you probably will want to have tables to accommodate guests who are eating. Keep in mind that rectangular tables accommodate more people than round tables. Make sure you consult with your local pool professionals to check compliance laws on capacity prior to adding more seating and tables. 


The amount of shade at a pool can make or break a guest’s pool experience. Take a moment to observe the amount of shade that your pool currently has. Is it enough? If not, consider adding large umbrellas to protect guests from the sun’s rays. Guest safety should be a top priority, and there are many health complications that can come from lack of sun protection. 


Another way to personalize your deck’s atmosphere is to add plants. Consider planting flowers or bushes for extra appeal. Keep in mind that taking care of plants too close to a pool may compromise the pool water. Therefore, if you want to add plants, consult with a pool professional to determine the best placement and layout. 

Touch-Ups and Repairs

Wear and tear on pool decks is expected. That’s why it’s important to regularly analyze the state of your deck. Any damage should be repaired immediately. Small cracks can turn into big problems if not addressed. Cracks in pool decking can also be safety hazards for swimmers. It’s best to address necessary deck repairs immediately to prevent any injuries. 

As long as overall integrity of a concrete deck is acceptable, it can be resurfaced. Various colors and stamped designs can be used to disguise any harmless cracks that appear on the surface. A concrete deck with no cracks but excessive settling can be leveled using processes called slabjacking or foam jacking. If your pool deck is tile instead of concrete, you will need to replace any broken pieces. It’s best to let seasoned pool professionals handle deck repairs to ensure that they’re done properly. 

If your pool’s deck is already relatively in good shape, you have the option to repaint it instead of doing a full renovation. A fresh coat of paint may be just what your pool needs! New paint gives you the opportunity to introduce new colors to your pool’s deck.

There are many ways to go about deck renovation. Updating the atmosphere elements, and updating the design of your pool deck can greatly contribute to the overall appeal of your pool. If your pool hasn’t been updated in years, it may be time for a change! If you need help with deck renovations, our American Pool team is here to help. Request a service here