orange leaves that have fallen to the ground with an out of focus pool in the backgroung

Fall isn’t the best season for swimming, but it is the best season for pool repairs! Fall is often overlooked as a season to improve pools because people aren’t swimming as regularly. However, because the pool isn’t being used as often, cooler months are prime time for pool repairs and renovations. Here are five great reasons to consider having your pool projects completed during fall. 

1. Contractors are More Available

Many times pool owners and aquatic facilities don’t consider doing pool repairs during cooler seasons. Therefore, these months are typically much slower for pool contractors. This is a HUGE benefit for aquatic facilities. Not only will your facility have more special attention from your pool contractor, you also may have the opportunity to get better rates. 

2. Abundance of Quality Materials

During the spring, contractors may run into difficulty finding necessary materials. Spring is the primary season that aquatic facilities and pool contractors scramble to get pools ready for swim season. This creates a lack of abundance in quality materials. The best materials are more readily available during the fall. You may also be able to get better prices on materials during this time!

3. Room for Hiccups

Sometimes unforeseen delays happen during repairs and renovations. Doing pool repairs and renovations in the cooler months give you more than enough time to account for delays. Therefore, your facility’s pool with definitely be finished by the time swim season rolls back around. Waiting until it’s almost time to open the pool to do repairs may ultimately cause opening day to be pushed back if there are any unexpected delays. Swimmers have been waiting all winter to enjoy the pool, and they won’t be happy if they have to wait any longer! 

4. Fall is Before Harsh Winter Weather Begins

Freezing temperatures make it extremely difficult for pool professionals to work outside for extended periods of time. It’s best to schedule for your pool contractors to complete projects before it gets too cold outside. 

Additionally, aspects of harsh winter weather have the potential to negatively affect certain pool projects. For example, if your pool needs to be re-plastered, any gusty winds or immediate precipitation could ruin an otherwise beautifully finished job. This is why fall offers the perfect window of time to complete repairs and renovations. Get your pool updates completed in the fall so that you’ll be able to winterize your pool in time for the harsh winter weather!

5. Your Pool Will be Ready for Spring!

Doing repairs and renovations in the fall guarantees that your pool will be ready by the spring. There will be plenty of time to plan, execute, and complete repairs by swim season. Therefore, swimmers will be able to use your pool as soon as the weather is right!

Just because fall isn’t the ideal season for swimming, doesn’t mean you can’t use this time to get your pool in order. The best time to handle pool projects is during the cooler seasons. If you’re in search of pool professionals to handle your fall pool projects, American Pool is here to help. Learn more about all of the services we offer here