As the 2019 calendar year came to a close, American Pool professionals from as far away as Texas and New York State assembled to participate in training sessions over the week of December 16 in Maryland and New Jersey. While the expansion of the organization poses logistical challenges for pulling all of the operating teams together, leadership continues to recognize the value of the effort to associates and ultimately clients. 

“Pulling our teams together to not only share the season’s challenges and solutions but also build strong relationships within the organization is a big part of the reason we do it.’ said Benjamin Basch, Chief Development Officer for American Pool Enterprises. “ What our people accomplish each season is phenomenal, so the opportunity for these folks to get together to share ideas and best practices is an essential part of our pursuit of service excellence.” 

Safety & Service 

The meetings covered a broad range of topics but left plenty of opportunity for group discussion and sharing. Sabraya Isaacs, Corporate Safety Director, shared insights from her recent attendance at the World Aquatic Health Conference and led a discussion on risk management. Phil Carter, Vice President of Management for the Columbia, Maryland operations office, demonstrated new approaches to both client retention and new business development for the team. “It’s really about making sure we are in the best position to solve a client’s challenges before we consume their time with further meetings and proposals,” said Carter. “This approach helps our teams to focus on clients that will benefit most from our services.” 

Benefits of Priority Management 

After seeing a positive response to a program on time management at the company’s annual recruiter summit in October, the curriculum was expanded for the field management team, constituting a full day of the two day program. Jeff Rendell, a partner with Cultivate Advisors delivered an exceptional course on Priority Management bringing a new dimension to the meetings this year. “I am very honored to have had the opportunity to facilitate sessions in Maryland and New Jersey,” Rendell remarked of his time with American Pool. “The energy and engagement I received from both groups were tremendous! I truly believe the skill of Priority Management will make significant and positive impacts on their personal and professional lives. Hats off to the leadership team as they continue to invest in their people!” 

On the decision to bring in an outside consultant to work with the American Pool staff, Dan Lawler, Chief Operating Officer for American Pool said, “Our people have a lot to do in a short period of time. If we can help them maintain focus and give them tools to be more effective leaders, our associates, clients, and the organization all feel big benefits. Any investment in high-quality training is an easy decision. These are portable skills they can use in the business but also in to enhance their personal lives.“ 

On concluding his program with American Pool, Jeff Rendell from Cultivate Advisors added, “Through setting priorities, regular review, scheduling into our calendars, and then protecting those time blocks, we can live a full life of meaning and purpose. We all only have 24/7… make the most of every day!”