We have some exciting news about a recent behind-the-scenes change in our organization. As a forward-thinking company, we not only pay attention to the needs of our clients today but also our opportunity to better serve them in the future. This is the mindset that continues to create advantages and opportunities for all of us at American Pool as we continue to evolve as The Amenity Collective.

Swimming pools, fitness centers, as well as their management and programming are a big part of the community living experience. Over the last few years, we realized that we had a unique opportunity to provide a more comprehensive approach to the marketplace. With that goal in mind, American Pool and close affiliates, Heartline Fitness Systems, LIV North, and LIVunLtd have all been organized under The Amenity Collective.

Partnering with The Amenity Collective provides the foundation for American Pool leadership and our affiliates to share resources and information, build differentiation and coordinate our efforts. The idea of integrating services under one roof has been shown to be a compelling story, especially for large scale property owners. We believe that this approach will help fuel our growth in the coming years. 

There are many pool companies out there and American Pool continues to serve as the top industry leader. With that being said, joining The Amenity Collective will not change much at the operating level for American Pool. It’s important that we continue to learn about The Amenity Collective affiliates and look for ways to work together to enhance the lives of our clients and their residents. As a part of The Amenity Collective, our companies continue to break away from the pack.