Spray Pads

Also Known As: Spray Deck, Sprayground, Splash Pad

Spray or splash pads are fun additions to a more traditional pool. Usually more common in commercial or community facilities, these allow guests to interact with water features on safe surfaces.

More and more often, spray pads are appearing in community gathering areas, like outdoor retail facilities or city centers. A spray pad does not have any standing water, so it does not require careful monitoring by trained lifeguards.

With many theme options and applications, spray pads are highly customizable. Water is projected out of a wide range of spouts —installed in the ground or along fixtures. Nozzles and fountains can be activated by motion sensors. Zones can be created to encourage guests of varying ages to congregate in different places. Popular features include tumbling buckets, aquatic animal characters and fountains. Music and lights can be coordinated with the water features to create elaborate displays. Of course, the water should be sanitized and filtered like pool water.

Because the surface is wet, it should be covered by a specialized, non-slip material, like rubber. In addition, all nozzles should be carefully enclosed, so that they are not damaged and do not injure guests who might step on them. A specialty design and installation company can provide specific information about the timeline and cost of installation.