In 2007, President Bush signed the Virginia Graeme Baker Act (VGB), requiring certified drain covers for all commercial pools and spas by December of 2008. Additionally, manufacturers had to note the lifespan of the product. Commercial pool management services are aware that a majority of the items were scheduled to last 5 to 7 years. Therefore, this may be a good time to check on your drain cover to ensure VGB compliance.

Reach out for help
Before you conduct any research on your own, contact professional pool maintenance services. They will be more knowledgeable with the VGB regulations as well as the covers on the market that are compliant. Additionally, each drain cover has to be tested with each pool to calculate flow and effectiveness. Without professional help, you may run the risk of investing in a non-compliant product.

Maintain all components
While you’re working with a professional pool contractor on installing a new drain cover, you’ll want to inspect the other components of the drain to ensure proper performance. Remember to use the new screws that come with the newer cover. According to the Sun Sentinel, older screws can loosen and pose potential dangers, especially to curious children.

Keep track of documents
Whether your facility has had a longstanding manager or frequent turnover, make sure you receive and keep documentation from the contractor stating that the new drain cover is VGB compliant and noting the date that it was installed. This way, managers will be better able to keep track of their new covers’ lifespans and when they will need to be replaced again.

Stay in touch
One of the benefits of taking all the advantages of a full-service pool company is handing these responsibilities over to professionals who are aware of all the developing regulations and new products. Though contractors were advised to inform clients on drain cover expiration, it may be a while before every facility is contacted. This could leave your site non-compliant with the VGB act, posing a safety hazard to swimmers.

Therefore, it’s essential to stay in touch with the contracting company that services your pool. You may even want to consider switching to a full-service company to manage all your pool’s needs. For any organizations with pools, swimmer safety is of utmost importance. Handing the responsibility over to pool professionals will ensure that your site is always compliant and safe, leaving you free to focus on guest satisfaction.