For organizations with indoor pools, water safety is one of the most important factors of overseeing a commercial pool. However, pool management services know that water safety isn’t limited to their facilities. If the cold winter months have taken a toll on your indoor pool attendance and you’re open to new ideas, you may want to consider offering kayak rolling classes.

Think about the audience
The guests who would take kayak rolling lessons are adventurers who don’t shy away from water, even in the wintertime. By offering your indoor pool as a venue for kayakers to learn these critical techniques, you’re welcoming an entirely different group of water-lovers.

Take the first steps
Reach out to professional pool maintenance services to discuss this option. Introducing kayaks into your indoor pool will bring in a whole slew of pollutants that may wind up costing more to maintain. Work out the details of water treatment and crunch the numbers to see whether your facility could profit from offering kayak rolling lessons. If it’s viable, you’ll want to find a reputable, licensed kayak instructor and invite him or her over to see if the pool is adequate for the classes. Once you’re in the clear, work out prices that will benefit the instructor as well as your organization.

Embrace the possibilities
By offering your indoor pool for kayakers, your site will garner the interest of a new target audience. If your pool has seen little to no attendance, these lessons may be advantageous. You may want to give these courses a try this winter. In the event that they’re a hit and your group is able to make a profit, think about making the classes a seasonal offering. 

Understand the maintenance
Though providing these lessons may be great fun for participants and your staff, there will be increased maintenance procedures. You should find a location to keep the kayaks on-site to cut down on pollutants. This can be great if your organization has kayaks available for use in the summertime, as you’ll be familiar with the equipment and upkeep.

Kayak rolling lessons may be a radical step for your organization, so you’ll want to make sure all the bases are covered. Calling in a full-service pool company will allow you to work out the logistics while safety and maintenance are taken care of by professionals.