The maintenance of commercial swimming pools can be overwhelming for those charged to maintain them. The large size of commercial swimming pools relative to their residential counterparts makes daily vacuuming a unique challenge. Consider investing in a robotic vacuum for your pool to ease your workload.

Sit back and relax
If you’ve ever operated a manual pool vacuum, you’re aware of how exhausting the procedure can be. Purchasing a robotic pool cleaner can save you the need to dedicate staff to manually vacuum the pool each day, allowing them to focus on pool patron satisfaction.

For the most part, robotic vacuum are fully submersible and operate via a tangle-resistant floating cable that connects to the unit’s power supply. The most common setup employs a storage cart which also functions as the power supply. The cart often provides a way to easily wrap up the floating cable when not in use. To clean the pool, the unit employs a vacuum bag and rotating brushes similar to a conventional vacuum cleaner. These run independently and don’t require any connection to your pool’s circulation system. They have the ability to climb the walls of the pool and some of the latest models have remote controls and advanced programmable timers.

However, you’ll want to conduct some research before buying a new robotic cleaner. You should pick a model whose specifications for the maximum dimensions of the pool slightly exceed that of yours.

Find the right model
The first factor to consider prior to purchase is the size and shape of the pool. If it’s a very large commercial pool or has a number of curves, you’ll definitely want to reach out to professional pool maintenance services for advice. Units in this category can run several thousand dollars. Their knowledge and expertise will be essential in finding the right robot vacuum for your unique facility.

Alternatively, if your pool is a more manageable basic shape, you’ve got a few options to choose from. Many robotic vacuums in this category are readily available from your local swimming pool service company, including the brands Dolphin, Aquabot and Polaris.

If you’re looking to lower the amount of hands-on maintenance with a robotic vacuum, reach out to a full-service pool company. Their experts have full knowledge of models on the market and can advise you on which one will best suit your facility.

You’ll certainly want to use your new device for routine cleaning, but you may want to check on the work afterward to see if any manual cleaning may be necessary. As convenient as the device is, remember that an automatic cleaner can never replace a sharp eye and a diligent hand.