For commercial pool management services, maintaining patron interest is a constant concern. Winter is a great opportunity to plan for themed days during the peak season. You’ll have plenty of time to figure out which event themes are most popular and advertise the event.

Encourage the imagination
Consider the popular event themes that appeal to swimmers of all ages. You can opt for a pirate theme, which will encourage participants to jump into the water or a laid-back beach theme, where guests can lounge and simply enjoy the view.

These event themes don’t have to be permanent changes. However, if a particular one seems to draw a lot of attention and boost attendance, you can think about implementing small remodels to help fit the theme. If the Caribbean atmosphere is a hit, consider reaching out to professional pool construction services and discussing whether your facility would benefit from the installation of a waterfall.

Experiment with different themes to see if there are any particular ones that pique the most interest. Take note of these and invite staff members to brainstorm a central element that the themes share. A waterfall can complement a number of environments and won’t compromise the style of the overall facility. It can be a high-energy interactive feature or a relaxing setting.

Remember to decorate the pool deck without compromising safety – avoid trip hazards and revisit commercial pool safety guidelines to ensure compliance. It will be a place where swimmers and non-swimmers gather. Providing an all-encompassing themed environment will ensure that guests can fully enjoy your themed venue. Your staff can lead fun activities relevant to the event theme. As such, you’ll definitely want to provide additional supervision.

Consider exploring a different event theme biweekly to assess which ones garner the most interest and drive the most attendance. You can ask frequent guests which themes would interest them most and consider the possibilities before committing to one. For family parties, a Hawaiian theme is both popular and fun. There’s no limit to the settings and environments you can create with your facility.

An pool facility has the ability to encourage imagination and provides a great setting for regular exercise. Take advantage of the the slower season by thinking of great themes for your pool when swimming season arrives. Consider exploring some great event themes this winter to show the community your facility’s commitment to fun year-round.