Attract different age groups with smart pool planning

Attract different age groups with smart pool planning

Pool construction services can help with pool planning for your next pool renovation. Dividing a pool to promote different activities can help garner more interest in the surrounding community.

Why cater to just one target audience when you can appeal to two or three different groups, depending on the size of your pool? Recreation Management magazine awarded the Innovative Architecture and Design Award to a large pool in Normal, Ill., which featured a zero-depth pool, a lap pool and a large regulation-size pool. The first area featured two-zones: one that catered to younger children and had gentle water jets and a yellow submarine and another that targeted older kids with a variety of spray toys.

Find two audiences

Property managers should work with pool management services and discuss which audiences frequent the facility most often. Everyone can brainstorm ideas on different features that will attract these audiences. Once the audiences and the construction projects are established, facility workers should speak to pool construction services to discuss pricing.

As exciting as the project may be, it’s essential to stay comfortably within budget. Though there will be many great ideas that could culminate in a number of features, it’s an investment that can be added to at a later time. As such, facilities should first implement one or two features in each area, and expand upon the spaces.

Consider further changes

The zero-depth pool in Illinois retained the same minimal depth throughout the entire pool. Property managers know how popular spray pads have become, and this can be a great way to get the best of both worlds. Children can enjoy the water and interactive features without having to worry about depth. By splitting a pool into a swimming facility and a pseudo-spray pad, pools can attract swimmers and non-swimmers who want to enjoy aquatic activities.

Plan ahead

Working with construction services now will allow pools to implement the changes and work out any problems well before peak season returns. Additionally, everybody involved will have time to review safety regulations for commercial facilities. Working with a full-service pool company will provide facilities with experts who are knowledgeable on safety best practices and state and federal regulations, allowing pool staff members to share the responsibility with others.