3 ways to ask pool patrons what they would like

3 ways to ask pool patrons what they would like

There are many responsibilities that fall on the shoulders of those who work in pool management. Together with property directors, they decide on which programs will draw the most interest and provide the best opportunities for the community.

Additionally, they figure out how the budget should be spent – should the facility invest in a new maintenance part or feature a new water slide or other interactive fixture this summer? These are questions that can lead to many answers. Or, they can draw blanks.

Know the importance of guest input
Whether you’ve tried different strategies or simply don’t know where to begin with new programs or features at your pool, getting input from community members ensures that you’ll make decisions with the best information possible. After all, there’s no better way to learn what guests want than by simply asking. This same method worked for the parks in Washington, D.C., and Chicago, Illinois, Recreation Management magazine pointed out. It’s an easy process in theory, but actually acquiring the responses can be challenging. Here are three methods to consider.

1. Hand out questionnaires: Peak season is quickly arriving, so create a short survey on guest satisfaction and what additional programs or fixtures they’d like to see. Keep these short and to-the-point. After all, everyone is there to enjoy the water and poolside fun. Doing this may require staffing a few extra employees during operating hours to hand out and collect the questionnaires, but it’ll pay off in the long run.

2. Take to the Internet: Use your social media page for its intended purpose and ask followers for their opinions and thoughts on your facility’s current offerings. You may find that instead of asking for new interactive fixtures, guests may simply want more chairs or a changing stall added to the bathroom. These pages are a great resource because they won’t cut into patrons’ swimming time.

3. Post on your website: If you have many visitors on your website, it’s the quickest way to capture their attention. A simple poll on the sidebar can give you plenty of information and it’ll take very little time for visitors to complete.

Setting this up as soon as possible can ensure that you implement these new features early on in peak season, allowing swimmers to reap the benefits quickly.