What are Pool Covers?

Swimming pool covers protect pools against debris, evaporation, and injures.  Covers are very effective at keeping leaves and wildlife out for easy clean up, and more than capable of supporting huge amounts of weight like heavy snowfall or wandering children for added protection. Pool covers are a safe and smart choice for any pool owner.

The Difference Between Commercial & Residential Covers

In the past, safety covers were targeted towards the residential market instead of commercial applications, since these covers seemed bulky and cost-prohibitive for commercial locations. Luckily, technologies have evolved and now commercial pools can get the same protection and visual appeal from a safety cover as residential pools. Both residential and commercial safety covers can be made from a wide variety of materials. While solid covers can become hard to manage at high square-footages, mesh covers are recommended for their adaptability.


Current Trends

In the off season, pools can certainly become an eyesore if they are left open to collect dirt, leaves, and debris.  The new class of safety covers are secured tight and taut over the pool, giving a pleasing look to backyards and commercial pool locations in the winter months.  Merlin introduced its SmartMesh and DuraMesh II materials due to a high demand by many residential customers searching for a natural backyard landscape. Its Kaleidoscapes Safety Solid Covers are available in 12 different colors with the options of striping meet an entirely different need for uniqueness.

Popular Features

All of Merlin’s safety covers are made with specifically formulated reinforced vinyl or polypropylene cover sheet and are supported by nylon polypropylene straps. Heavy duty triple-stitched straps are crisscrossed across the pool surface and are secured on the pool decking with stainless steel tension springs onto brass anchors.  Merlin’s patented SmartMesh Safety Cover is the only mesh safety cover on the market that provides 100% (ASTM D6567) shade while still letting water pass through the cover. This high-tech weave filters debris down to 40 microns. A cleaner pool under the safety cover means an easier opening in the spring and less money and time spent balancing chemicals and algaecide.


Why Merlin?

Merlin Industries, Inc. is the best choice for swimming pool safety covers. Since the company was founded, it has been their mission to continue to innovate and ensure that their products are the safest and strongest on the market. Every safety cover is custom designed for each pool which means it is safer and provides the best possible protection. Merlin covers can be manufactured to safely accommodate steps, angles, objects, and unique configurations while providing the utmost safety.

Where Can I Find a Merlin Cover?

American Pool is a fantastic resource for facility managers inquiring about a safety cover.  Please visit our Service Request page or Merlin Industries for more information.

Don’t forget to grab a copy of our Aquatic Leader Magazine for more information on pool care!