Much like the rest of our world, the swimming pool and spa industry has evolved quite a bit since its inception years ago. Why then, should we not consider proactive pool and spa care as an alternative to our traditional “put out the fire” approach? Using an enzyme will enhance water clarity and reduce overall pool and spa maintenance. Enzymes allow pool owners to spend more time enjoying the water, and less time laboring over it. Check out our article below to get the scoop on proper enzyme use.

WHO should be using them?:

The short answer is, everyone! Enzyme products have evolved over the years to a point in which there are specific products based upon the needs of each and every body of water.


WHAT are enzymes?:

There are two different types of enzyme products available in the swimming pool and spa industry today. These products are either commercially manufactured or broad spectrum enzymes. A manufactured enzyme is a targeted product which focuses primarily on fats and oils. One benefit you will see is the reduced time and effort needed to maintain the waterline cleanliness in a pool. However, if you had to choose between the two, broad spectrum enzymes are the way to go. Broad spectrum enzymes are made through a fermentation process (similar to the one used for alcohol) and they are capable of thousands of reactions in swimming pools and spas. These enzymes break down non-living organic matter such as sweat, lotion, sunscreen, body oils, and more in a naturally based way. The enzymes breakdown the foreign material found in pool and spa water, piece by piece, or until there is little left other than water and air.

WHEN do I add enzymes?:

Enzymes can (and really should) be used primarily as a maintenance product in addition to your regular sanitizer and balancing efforts. Enzyme maintenance products are formulated to be applied in weekly doses (the dosage amount and product used is different for pools and spas). Another opportunity in which enzymes can help is to be used as a problem-solving product. In the case of property damage as a result of vandalism, enzymes can put in overtime. Enzymes work very well at restoring your pool to its former glory removing paint and other forms of vandalism.

WHERE enzymes should be added?:

You should select an enzyme product for the body of water for which it was formulated. For example, a spa can have very different needs than those of a swimming pool. Enzymes formulated for these bodies of water target specific factors along with things like sweat and body oils, and all of the other fun things that end up in spas. Professional research confirms the amount of organic waste left behind from bathers and the numbers are quite shocking. It is a commonly accepted standard in the pool and spa industry that each bather leaves behind about 16 ounces of non-living waste in 45 minutes to an hour in a body of water.

WHY should I use enzymes?:

The bottom line is that you should use enzymes to make your pool or spa maintenance easier. When you use enzymes as a part of your maintenance program, you will gain benefits like: increased filter cycle, reduction of scum lines, superior water clarity, and increased efficiency.


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