Recently our American Pool leaders came together for our annual Drivers Meeting, a conference where all of our offices’ presidents join forces to improve on the past year. Staying in Philadelphia at the Hilton in Penn’s Landing, they discussed last year’s successes and challenges, and how the company can move forward and progress for 2018. Each of our offices is unique to the community they serve, leveraging their own talents and capabilities to be the best pool service provider they can be.

However, the American Pool family of companies as a whole need to be organized and aligned with one another on key values and strategies. Our goal in conferences like the Drivers Meeting is to continue learning how best to use our skills and expertise to the benefit of our customer as a whole.

Streamline & Organize

It is important to the integrity and progression of our company that our company Presidents, also known as Drivers, have the opportunity learn from each other and our corporate office can present new initiatives and answer questions. Key discussions had at the meeting revolved around customer feedback from 2017, how we did things right and what challenges we face for the next year. As a whole the team decided on strategies best fit to make our customer service stronger in 2018. One of our main goals will always be learning how to improve each year and present the best service we can to our customers.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our Drivers also learned about the upcoming release of Hayward and Pentair’s newest technology for more efficient heating units and advanced chemical monitoring. American Pool is proud to be on the cutting edge of this technology and use it in anyway we can to benefit our customers.

Latest Projects

Since our offices are located across North America, this is a great opportunity for each of them to show off a few of their projects from the previous year. A slideshow is presented and attendees can discuss the different aspects of how they transformed the client’s idea into the finished product. We love seeing all the amazing projects our offices have worked so hard on!

Down Time

Our Drivers also made sure to save time to bond and get to know one another. The group spent an evening at the Little Lion, a fantastic restaurant in the area, getting to learn more about each other when they’re not in work mode. We believe it’s important that all of our offices know each other well, have time to enjoy the city, and just have fun! We believe times like this are invaluable to our company as a whole.

As we creep towards the beginning of 2018, many exciting things are happening here at American Pool. We as an organization are excited and eager to set in new strategies, tactics, and ideas that we’ve come up with during conferences like our Drivers Meeting.