Pool Automation

Pool automation can take much of the hassle out of operating and maintaining your pool. For many in the commercial pool business automation is no longer an upgrade but a standard feature. There are systems for just about every task you can imagine; from pH adjustments, salt generation, heating, and pumps. You can even update service records! In new construction, the centralized wiring schemes of automated systems make construction a much simpler process. Automation can also reduce the time it takes for a pool management company to resolve any issues.

Resolve Issues Faster

Automated systems allow for a pool’s status to be checked remotely, with temperature readings and chemical testing occurring from a technician’s computer. If a problem occurs, the latest automated systems incorporate live cameras and uploadable programs, which can assist in electronic repairs. When a call comes in a technician can turn on the cameras and identify the issue. He can then debug the program and see the results on-camera. No more waiting for the pool guy to show up!

Energy Efficiency

Automated systems can mean big savings on water and electricity costs. For instance, by installing a variable speed pump with automation, pool equipment can run only when needed, reducing water waste and lowering energy costs. These automated systems can also provide detailed efficiency readouts, allowing pool managers to develop an ideal energy plan for their pool.

Complete Control

Adjust pool temperature throughout the day, set a cleaning schedule, program lights, jets or other features with a single remote control or smartphone app. There are so many options to consider! Automation also provides precision monitoring of chemical levels. Reducing waste and chemical costs by monitoring the pool’s water and dispersing the right amounts of disinfectants and pH adjusters only when needed.

Let American Pool Help You Automate

It is important to note that automation can’t replace a skilled pool professional, but it can lead to fewer service calls, and make maintenance easier for both manager and technician. Pool life is easier when it’s automated! Let American Pool assess where automation can help your pool today and enjoy a stress-free season!