Managing Risk Pools

There are many aspects to consider when operating a commercial pool, chief among them is safety. With so many other responsibilities to handle it can be easy for pool managers to feel overwhelmed, which can lead to responsibilities being overlooked. If this scenario sounds familiar it may be time to consider hiring a commercial pool management company.


Outsourcing work to a full-service pool company can reduce a community’s exposure to liability due to an accident or injury. American Pool’s strong safety record and training programs allow us to carry the highest levels of insurance in the industry. You’ll also benefit from the collaboration with others who have worked in the industry for many years. They know all the parts of keeping a pool well maintained and running safely.

Consider these factors when hiring a full-service pool management company:

Skilled Technicians

Does the field team have the training and experience to make proactive recommendations for your pool? Are they well versed in the safety codes and able to provide recommendations on improvements to ensure the safety of your clients? Your technician should also be able to provide insight when it comes to the replacement of maintenance equipment. Whether it’s a new pump or a chemical automation system, they should be able to recommend which models are best suited to your pool and have hands-on experience in how they operate.

Liability Insurance

When accepting bids for pool management, always address the issue of how much liability insurance the company carries. Some companies carry lower limits, $5 – $10 million in coverage is not enough to protect your community in the event of a major accident, even if they are entirely at fault. Settlements and judgments can often exceed $10 – $20 million. American Pool offers the highest level of liability coverage in the industry, $37 million. We’re quite proud of our commitment to our clients.

Promoting Safety Requires an Understanding of Risk

American Pool’s Guard For Life Program provides more than 7,500 lifeguards to pools nationwide. Our training and incentive programs ensure we provide staff who genuinely care. Beyond providing lifeguarding services, a pool management company should be able to provide you with professional recommendations to further increase safety precautions around the pool with liability risk in mind. The should make you aware of items that need repair or replacement as well as opportunities for added safety such as gates and pool enclosures.

The pool season is just around the corner, now is the time to make the move to a professional pool management company. Why not hire the one with more than 30 years of experience in addressing swimming pool challenges and the highest levels of insurance in the industry, American Pool?