This past February, 46 American Pool staff earned their Advanced Service Technician (AST) certificate. The National Pool and Spa Foundation (NPSF) provided training to our full-time staff through our in-house Learning and Development Program. The purpose of this training is to provide technicians with the knowledge and skills to service pools and spas including equipment installation, maintenance, and repair. The program builds on the knowledge gained through the NSPF Certified Pool Operator, Certified Pool Inspector and Field Service Professional Courses. These courses are considered the backbone of the technical training for our American Pool field teams. Depending on experience levels, the program can take up to 60 hours of training to complete.

The Benefits of this Training:

  • Reduced Liability for us and clients encouraging and educating on Safe Work Practices  
  • Best Practices/Knowledge
  • More confident and competent staff to service our clients
  • Resources that can be accessed by technicians to support work in the field
  • Satisfied educational requirements for licensing process in a growing number of states

Our staff who completed the training believe in its value and saw it as a positive experience. Here’s what two of our staffers had to say about the program:

“I feel the AST course has certainly increased my knowledge base and has already led to us changing some of our processes. Overall the course benefits everyone, especially our customers as our expertise continues to grow as a company.” — Andrew Smith, American Pool New Jersey

“I believe the AST training provides a benchmark for quality of service. Expectations have been made that encompass every regional from all locations; allowing us as a team, to be on the same level.” — Justin Kanetsky, American Pool Philadelphia

We are looking forward to certifying more full-time staff this spring through our next scheduled courses in Georgia and New York.