A site evaluation is an extremely important part of the opening process for commercial pools. During a site evaluation, our Certified Pool Operator will evaluate the pool’s overall condition, inventory equipment, and safety items. An experienced  pool professional can point out areas on the premise that will need to be addressed including plumbing, electrical, and safety concerns prior to your pools pre-opening regulatory inspections. There are often two major types of inspections your pool will need to pass prior to opening day: an electrical inspection and health inspection.

Health Inspections

Health inspections are required for aquatic facilities in most states. There are two types of health inspections: full compliance and routine inspections. A full compliance inspection will usually take place prior to your pool opening. It will consist of a full evaluation of the entire pool system and facility compliance with state and local pool codes. Your pool’s operating permit is dependent on your facility passing the full compliance inspection. Routine inspections usually occur once a facility is open. They consist of an evaluation of the pool’s operations, water quality, and adherence to regulatory requirements.

Electrical Inspections

Electrocution in the swimming pool can happen because of improperly installed wiring, missing wiring, or improper bonding. Other hazards include non-grounded appliances, such as sump pumps, power washers, portable vacuum systems, and other electrical hazards near the water. During a bonding and grounding inspection, a licensed electrician will ensure the pool has been properly bonded and grounded. The local regulatory authority may require this bonding and grounding certification prior to completing their own visual electrical inspection.

Bonding: ensures that all metal components associated with a body of water exist on the same “electrical potential,” meaning a pool’s metal components and its equipment do not inadvertently provide a path of least resistance to ground.

Grounding: makes certain that electricity brought in through an electrical service panel will follow a controlled path through a circuit and then to an established grounding location.

Why Regular Site Evaluations are Essential

Now that we know all of the areas that are analyzed during various pool inspections, let’s take a look at the benefits of site evaluations!

Risk Management

There are multiple safety risks associated with pools. Such risks include possible chemical, physical, and electrical threats that guests can be exposed to. By having a certified pool professional perform a site evaluation, not only do you ensure your facility will pass necessary health and electrical inspections, but you also ensure the safety of your patrons. A safe facility reduces possible liabilities and promotes healthy swimming.  

Long Term Cost Reductions

Pre-season site evaluations and regular maintenance can reduce costs long-term. This is because our pool professionals are able to recognize potential pool threats and offer solutions to resolve them. If pool risks are not properly resolved quickly, they can delay pool openings and escalate into much larger financial burdens. A small crack can quickly expand to a more serious, expensive matter. The untrained eye may easily miss potential issues that could eventually turn into major repairs or worse: a safety threat. Our American Pool experts will identify and correct such issues before they become large financial threats.

Each state has a set of specific pool regulations. If these regulations are not met, your facility can be fined, or even shut down until the issue is resolved. These regulations are very specific, and our pool professionals are trained to pinpoint violations specific to your state. To prevent legal troubles, fines, and violations, it’s important to have regular pool evaluations. Don’t wait until they are discovered by regulatory agencies!

Peace of Mind

With the help of American Pool’s maintenance and service professionals, a complete site evaluation can give you peace of mind and get you ready for opening day. Guests’ safety will never be compromised due to neglect in your facility’s swimming pool. A sense of confidence in your facility is established, and constructive relations with regulatory authorities are assured.

American Pool offers pool inspections as well as many other services. It is our top priority to make sure that your facility’s pool is clean, safe, and up to standards. Learn about the full list of services we offer here.