Get ready for peak pool season! Before you know it, swimmers will be eager to regularly enjoy your pool. To ensure the best and safest experience for guests, make sure that you properly prepare your facility’s pool for peak season.

Assemble your Team

One of the most important steps in preparing for peak pool season is to assemble the right team of lifeguards. The safety of swimmers heavily relies on lifeguards who are confident in any emergency. For this reason, a team of trained, certified, and reliable lifeguards is key to pool safety.

If you don’t already have your dream team of guards, American Pool has got you covered!  Our management and lifeguard services hire, schedule, pay, and manage lifeguard staff for your pool. Plus, all of our lifeguards are trained and certified through the American Red Cross curriculum. They know pool safety!

Inspect Pool Barriers

Addressing the safety of swimmers goes beyond the pool. Swimmers gaining access to the pool after hours, or when it’s closed can pose huge safety and liability threats. This is why the pool gates and fencing will also need to be inspected before peak season. Fencing rails shouldn’t be more than 4 inches apart. If the rails are any further apart, small children can potentially squeeze through and access the pool. You should also check around the perimeter of the gate for boxes, benches, or anything else that would assist in climbing the gate.

Pool gates should be self-latching, self-closing, and outward opening. Make sure latches are high enough so that children can’t reach them. Safety regulations vary by area. You should check local safety regulations to ensure pool compliance.

Remove and Inspect Pool Covers

Pool covers protect the health of pool water during the winter. When removing the cover in preparation for pool season, check for any damage. If rips and holes are spotted, your pool cover may need to be repaired or replaced. Determine the right solution for the integrity of your pool cover ahead of time, so that it will be ready to use when winter comes back around.  

Inspect and Test Equipment

Another key step in preparing for peak pool season is to inspect and test your equipment. If there are any signs of damage, replace them immediately. Equipment like automated external defibrillators need to be tested. You should ensure that they work and comply with local regulations. If you are unsure of local regulations for your facility’s pool, American Pool’s maintenance services can give further insight.

Drain covers should also be checked. According to the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act (VGBA), it is required that all commercial facilities have drain covers. To prepare your pool for peak season, ensure that your drain covers are compliant with VGBA. They are a key component in pool safety.

All pool features need to be inspected as well. Diving boards, water slides, and ladders should be pre-checked and tested for safety prior to pool peak season.

Lastly, check the pool’s water filter. The cartridge should be cleaned or changed if necessary. Run the filter for a few minutes after the cartridge is back in place to ensure functionality.

Contact your pool’s management service to provide additional insight on the safety of your equipment.

Prepare the Water

Finally, when getting ready for peak pool season, pool water needs to be properly prepared. First, pool water needs to be leveled because water that has evaporated during the winter should be replaced. Next, balance the chemical levels. This step should only be done by a certified professional. If no one on your in-house team is trained in chemical balancing, you can contact American Pool’s management services to do so. After proper balancing, chemical levels need to be adjusted for safety and cleanliness. Lastly, your facility’s pool will need to be vacuumed. Your pool will most likely have debris accumulation if it was closed for the winter. Pool floors and walls will need to be vacuumed to ensure water cleanliness.

Peak pool season is approaching! Your facility should take the proper steps to prepare its pool for guests. Properly preparing your pool ensures the health and safety of swimmers. Each step is vital in upholding a safe pool. If your in-house team isn’t trained to handle these preparations, American Pool can help! Our pool professionals are well seasoned in preparing for pool peak season. Learn more about our pool services here.