3 ways to make your pool look new with paint

3 ways to make your pool look new with paint

A commercial pool that has been around for decades can start to show its age over time. There are so many aspects of pool maintenance that the aesthetics of the overall pool environment can sometimes be overlooked.

Sprucing up an old pool doesn’t have to mean using up a large portion of the annual budget on a renovation project. If your facility’s paint job has seen better days, applying a new coat and taking the opportunity to use different colors can make the pool environment look new again.

1. Make everything cohesive
If you didn’t paint exposed pipes the first time around, consider doing so this time. Recreation Management magazine pointed out that this can allow the pipes to blend into the background.

A quick and simple technique is color blocking, which is a fun way to feature different colors. You can color an entire wall one color or break it into segments. Choose a colorful palette with hues that complement one another. You can opt for subtle transitions or stark contrasts.

Pool managers who don’t want to feature a heavy color blocking design in their facilities can opt for murals instead. Featuring these will require a central theme. You want patrons to make their way from the entrance into the pool seamlessly, and murals attract a lot of attention, so having a centralized element will tie everything together. There are a myriad of possibilities, from aquatic themes to artwork celebrating the community and its members.

2. Use color cleverly
Don’t stop with the walls and piping. Take advantage of your new paint and put a spotlight on important bulletin boards or signs. Line the sign with a border that stands out from the background. Not only will it garner more attention, Recreation Management magazine pointed out that it also enhances readability.

3. Address every area
Consider repainting the bathrooms as well. It’s an important area of the pool and shouldn’t be overlooked, especially when you’re revamping the rest of the facility. Even a new coat of the same paint will be noticed by patrons. If you’re featuring new designs in the rest of the facility, bring the elements into the bathrooms too.

This relatively simple pool maintenance project will get swimmers excited, and it’ll probably pique staff members’ interests as well. It could wind up being a team-building exercise that will benefit the pool’s environment and work culture.